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Wind power "12th Five Year Plan": wind turbine large-scale competitive development

the programmatic document of China's energy development, "the 12th Five Year Plan for national energy science and technology", was officially announced a few days ago. The trend of large-scale fans has been described in heavy colors. The plan has made more clear requirements for fan power, parts, and R & D platform

insiders believe that the profits of traditional 1.5 MW wind turbines of domestic wind power enterprises are declining year by year, 20 calibration infrared thermometers and measurement standards have been urgently produced and supplied to Hubei Province (2 have been sent out to develop new profit growth points, and large-scale fans have become a new market they are striving to develop. At this time, the "plan" A large space to encourage wind turbine enterprises to innovate and develop in the field of large-scale wind turbines is a good incentive for wind power enterprises, which will accelerate their research and development and application in the field of large-scale wind turbines. Under the joint action of internal and external forces, it can be predicted that the large-scale wind turbine will become a major trend of industry development and a new battlefield of competition during the 12th Five Year Plan period

internal cause: enterprises actively explore the blue ocean

after maintaining high-speed growth for several consecutive years, the performance of the domestic wind power industry began to show signs of correction in 2011

according to the 2011 performance express recently released by Goldwind technology, its operating revenue in 2011 was 12.871 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 26.85%; The operating profit was 698 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 74.06%. Sinovel's performance expectations also fell by half

not only the manufacturers of complete fans encountered difficulties, but also the enterprises such as blades, towers and gearboxes failed to escape the fate of reduced gross profit and declining profits

Sinoma's 2011 performance express showed that its operating revenue and total profit decreased by 76.00% and 57.92% year-on-year, respectively, due to the decline in leaf sales and prices due to the impact of the market

the industry generally believes that the current decline in the performance of wind turbine enterprises is caused by many reasons. The rise of raw materials, overcapacity, fierce price war, market contraction and many other factors have led to a plunge in enterprise performance

at the 2012 national energy work conference held at the beginning of this year, Liu Tienan, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission and director of the national energy administration, reported the main data of wind power development in 2011: the combined capacity of wind power increased by 16million kW (16 GW), reaching a total of 47million kW (47 GW). Previously, the national development and Reform Commission said that the installed capacity target of China's wind power in 2015 was initially set at 100million kW (100 GW)

in this regard, insiders said that this means that the average annual installed capacity will fall back to 15 gigawatts in February this year, lower than the previous rate of new installed capacity

compared with the expectation of reducing the installed capacity, the capacity of domestic wind power enterprises is still running at a high level

Dou Zeyun, an analyst at Ping An Securities, predicts that there are nearly 70 complete machine manufacturers in China at present, and the total production capacity is expected to reach 29 GW in 2011, but the actual demand is only 1518 GW. In this environment, the price dispute will be inevitable. With the declining profits of traditional 1.5 MW wind turbines, the performance of some large wind power enterprises in the first half of the year fell by nearly 50% year-on-year

continue to struggle in the red sea of traditional low-power models, or explore new blue oceans to find new profit growth points? Some wind power giants with technology and strength have made choices, and high-power models have become their targets

Tao Gang, senior vice president of Sinovel wind power, said: in the face of fierce market competition, Sinovel wind power has taken a variety of measures to reduce production costs, focusing on the development of large-scale wind turbines of 3 MW and above, and maintaining and expanding its domestic market share

the trend of high-power wind turbine is the result of technological progress. Tao Gang said that from the perspective of the development trend of the global wind power equipment industry, high-quality and high-power wind turbines are increasingly favored by the market

it is reported that 34 3-megawatt offshore wind turbines independently developed by Sinovel wind power have been fully combined and generated power in the first phase of Shanghai Donghai Bridge Wind Farm, China's first national offshore wind power demonstration project. As of March 1, 2012, the cumulative power generation of this project has exceeded 371million kwh. In addition, the intertidal 3 MW wind turbine independently developed by the company has also been successfully put into operation in Jiangsu Rudong intertidal wind farm

external cause: the national support policy promotes

in the recently announced 12th Five Year Plan for national energy science and technology, the requirements for large-scale wind turbines are highlighted, and the industry management departments try to use administrative power to promote the development of large-scale wind power. According to the plan, the complete machine manufacturing technology of 610 MW land (Offshore) variable speed constant frequency wind turbines (double fed and direct drive) with independent intellectual property rights will be developed in the next five years

in fact, at this stage, the commercial application of 6 MW wind turbines in the field of offshore wind power worldwide is still in the blue ocean stage, and there are not many participants. Chinese enterprises have been involved in it for the first time

it is reported that Vestas, the world's No. 1 wind power equipment manufacturer in the wind power industry, announced that it would provide 15 6-megawatt offshore wind turbines for PNE, a German wind farm developer, in the German North Sea; REpower, a veteran German wind power giant, is expected to complete the installation of 6 MW offshore wind turbines at nordsee OST wind farm in the North Sea of Germany in 2013

in this field, domestic first-line wind power leading enterprises are not lagging behind. Sinovel wind power, China's first and world's second wind power equipment manufacturer, has successfully developed sl6000 Series 6 MW large-scale offshore wind turbines, and won the bid for Shanghai Lingang offshore wind power phase I demonstration project at the end of 2011. The 6 MW unit of Guodian united power was also offline in Lianyungang base at the beginning of this year

it is understood that with the consent of the national energy administration and the Shanghai municipal government, Huaneng new energy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenneng New Energy Investment Co., Ltd. (3), ultrasonic flaw detection and quality rating method of steel castings gb/t7233 (7), and The consortium of Shanghai Green Energy Co., Ltd. and Sinovel wind power, the largest wind power manufacturer in Asia, won the bid. This will be the first large-scale commercial use of 6 MW offshore wind turbines in the world, and it is also another new milestone in the development of offshore wind power after Sinovel won the bid for the 100000 kW project of Shanghai Donghai Bridge, China's first national offshore wind power demonstration project

in addition to the requirements for the whole machine, the plan also puts forward requirements for the key technologies of large-scale onshore and offshore wind power generation. Including the key control technologies of large-scale onshore and offshore wind turbines; Airfoil design and blade optimization design technology; Design technology of high-power gear box with medium and high speed ratio; Large scale wind turbine design and optimization technology; Detection technology of large-scale wind turbine and key components; Load analysis and anti fatigue design technology; Coping technology of large-scale wind turbine under extreme conditions (typhoon, strong wind and sand, low temperature, corrosion, etc.); Adaptive control technology of large wind turbine

domestic wind power enterprises have also made adequate preparations in this field

it is reported that Sinovel wind power sl6000 series wind turbine is currently China's first 6 MW power friendly wind turbine with independent research and development, complete independent intellectual property rights and global technology leadership. The low voltage ride through capability of sl6000 enables it to meet the stringent requirements of current conductivity rules, and its special anti-corrosion system meets the high salt fog and high corrosion operating environment at sea. This has basically completed the requirements of the 12th Five Year Plan for national energy science and technology for specific technical fields of large-scale fans

in addition, the 12th Five Year Plan of national energy science and technology also puts forward the requirements of building a research and development platform for wind power technology and equipment, overcome the key technical problems of super large wind turbines, form the manufacturing capacity of key components of large wind turbines, and become an influential international cooperative scientific research platform and wind power technology research base in the field of wind power technology research and manufacturing

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