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Win win with employees the Sandvik employer brand has been recognized again

win win with employees the Sandvik employer brand has been recognized again

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Guide: on December 10, Sandvik, a Swedish high-tech industrial group with a history of 150 years, relied on its excellent human resource management system and management team in the recent super large-scale 51job human resource management evaluation in China, Won the 2012 China's best human resources model enterprise award. Because in the professional field

on December 10, the 150 year old Swedish high-tech research team, after a large number of experimental industrial group Sandvik, won the "2012 China's best human resources model enterprise" award for its excellent human resources management system and management team in the recent super large-scale 51job human resources management evaluation in China. Due to its outstanding performance in the professional field, Sandvik won the "best human resource management team" and "the best example of compensation and performance management with the best effort" in the further selection. This is the second time that Sandvik has won this special award, but this will greatly reduce the advantages of this kind of film in high cost performance, and its outstanding enterprise employer brand will be affirmed again

according to Mr. Feng duo, director of human resources of Sandvik Greater China, Sandvik China has been committed to "providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees; Establish a performance oriented assessment system to encourage employees to work and undertake efficiently. The company pays attention to the cultivation and development of talents and strives to help employees get career development; Respect and encourage diverse talents. On average, each Sandvik employee receives at least 100 hours of various types of training every year. Under the original training system, the company further established a learning and development center in 2012 to explore and cultivate local managers. At the same time, in order to further encourage the diversity of talents and the development of gender fair competition, the "genderprogram" was launched, hoping to further promote more women to management positions. Mr. Fengduo said, "Sandvik China's employees enjoy a wide range of comprehensive compensation and welfare system. In recent years, the active turnover rate of employees has been maintained at about 5% to 7%, far below the level of the same industry and market. It has always been the goal of our HR team to be close to the company's business, take the company's business strategy as the guidance, and promote the development of the company's business through professional human resources support."

as an excellent employer brand, Sandvik knows that the win-win situation between the company and its employees is the foundation for the company to truly achieve sustainable development, which is also an important embodiment of the company's core value "fair competition". Sandvik has long adhered to the corporate society, actively undertaken finance, environment and society, and paid attention to sustainable development. Fair trade, accurate records, equal opportunities, care for the environment and respect for individuals are all important concepts that must be ensured. Not long ago, it was rated as the "2012 model of social performance of Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises". The award quantifies the enterprise society of the equipment manufacturing industry as the enterprise's contribution to six major stakeholders: shareholders, employees, consumers, communities, environment and business partners. This honor highly affirmed Sandvik as an excellent corporate social citizen

Zhang Zhiqiang, President of Sandvik Greater China, said: "Human resources are not only the strategic resources of modern enterprises, but also the key factor of enterprise development, which is very important in the development of Sandvik China. Today, China has become Sandvik's fourth largest market, and the group is full of confidence in the development of the Chinese market. I hope Sandvik can provide good career opportunities and development space for more employees. At the same time, as a company that follows sustainable development and attaches importance to enterprise society, Sandvik Ke will continue to perform in the future and create more value for our shareholders, employees, partners, customers, environment and communities. "

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