The hottest wind and snow, merciless love, surging

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Since late January 2008, most parts of central and southern China have been hit by continuous heavy snowfall, which has seriously affected the production and life of local people. The working group of the Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of emergency and similar departments in Subaru, which have stopped production, have guided disaster relief and post disaster reconstruction

in order to ensure the high-speed and effective disaster relief work and lay a good foundation for the better development of "1035", the Ministry of Civil Affairs has established three rear support groups, namely, disaster situation statistical report, disaster relief material allocation and information publicity, and implemented a 24-hour duty system to collect and sort out disaster relief information materials, count, verify and report the disaster situation, so as to ensure that disaster relief funds and materials are timely. What components will affect the performance of the data tension tester? Now let's take a look at the screw rod of the data tension testing machine: the screw rod, which is used to drive the motion of the sensor, is accurately lowered in place

the majority of Civil Affairs cadres fought hard in the front line of disaster resistance, and timely allocated and purchased quilts, cotton clothes, shoes, food, drugs, candles and other living materials for the severely affected areas; We should urgently deploy the work of cold resistance and disaster prevention, and actively settle down the lives of victims and passengers stranded by traffic

in order to support the post disaster reconstruction work of the National Disaster Reduction Center of the Ministry of civil affairs and resist the rare low-temperature working environment in southern China, the ultra-low temperature industrial switch tsccarat52 of Zhuoyue Xintong Beijing company was recently donated to the National Disaster Reduction Center and began to serve the post disaster reconstruction work

the tsccarat52 series wide temperature industrial redundant ring switch launched by Zhuoyue Xintong is an award-winning innovative product in 2007. It has served in the desert optical communication experiment of the Ministry of the air force and the Arctic exploration project of the National Meteorological Administration, and has experienced the high temperature of the desert and the low temperature of - 40 ℃ in the Arctic

excellent tsccarat52 series manageable wide temperature industrial redundant ring switch is a communication equipment specially designed and manufactured for industrial applications. It can build industrial redundant ring, which is suitable for use in extreme temperature and harsh industrial environment, and has reached the protection level of IP30. Tsccarat52 has 6 10/100m twisted pair ports (RJ45) for connecting terminal equipment or segments, and 2 optical fiber ports for forming 100m backbone optical fiber ring. It adopts the "supreme ringv2" ring protocol. The failure of any backbone communication channel will be detected within 100ms and the redundant link will be started to transmit data, so that your automation system can work normally. The ring setting of this series can be easily completed through the panel keys. The LED indicator on the front panel makes the port and working state of the equipment clear at a glance, which is convenient for fault diagnosis. At the same time, tsccarat52 can provide console port access to the built-in user interface, support SNMP management and web management, and also support VLAN, porttrunk, portsecurity, portmirror, igmpsnooping and other functions. Tsccarat52 series industrial Ethernet switch has a high-strength alloy shell, which can shield electromagnetic interference, and is resistant to vibration and impact. This series of products can be widely used in electric power, wind power, transportation, petrochemical, metallurgy, water treatment and other industrial fields. Zhuoyue Xintong company said that it will continue to do a good job in disaster prevention and communication, and make its own efforts to comprehensively overcome the disaster and restore and rebuild the disaster areas through its own strength and driving the society

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