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Wind farms in China have special requirements for the coating performance of wind turbine blades

wind turbine blades are the key core wind turbine components in the progress of wind energy technology. Their good design, reliable quality and superior performance are the decisive factors to ensure the normal and stable operation of the unit. With the development of wind power industry and wind power equipment industry, China's wind turbine blade industry has grown rapidly. At present, most blades use epoxy FRP or unsaturated polyester FRP as the main film-forming material. With the personalization of each product, it is self-evident that each product can have its own printing characteristics. With the gradual increase in the demand for large blades, epoxy FRP blades have become the mainstream of the current market. These PMMA have excellent mechanical properties. The experimental data accumulated by various manufacturers show that the service life of blades can reach 20 years without damage from external factors. Therefore, how to minimize external erosion will be the key factor determining the actual service life of the leaves. Chinaplas benefits from the rapid development of China's plastic industry. At present, the only choice is to use the coating (gel coat) that can directly and effectively protect the blade itself. China's wind farms are generally located in the "Three North" areas with large sand storms, or offshore and offshore. These are two completely different environments, and the requirements for the performance of blade coating are very different. From the current development situation, the first use environment is currently dominant in China

it is understood that Mr. Liu Huicheng, deputy chief engineer of COSCO Kansai coating Chemical Co., Ltd., will carry out a detailed interpretation of the performance requirements of wind turbine blade coatings and the standardization of coatings in China's wind farms at the "2010 Annual Conference of anticorrosive coatings industry" held in Ningbo on October, 2010. Mr. Liu believes that, in fact, the geographical environment of wind farms in China is still very different from that in foreign countries, and its particularity is embodied in the large temperature difference, long sunshine time, large sandstorms and other aspects. The blades of inland wind farms in China may usually be subject to the following external erosion during normal operation: the first is the damage of ultraviolet light to the resin; The second is the erosion of wind sand, floating dust, rain and fog on the substrate. For the first kind, it belongs to chemical erosion; The second kind of erosion is mechanical. For the coating industry, it is much more difficult to protect the material thickness greater than 1mm than the first kind. During the normal operation of the blade, the linear speed of the blade tip can reach 80m/s, which is equivalent to the maximum speed of F1 racing car. It will not affect the color display of the display. It runs for about 7000 hours every year, and the amount of air friction can reach 5-10 times that of ordinary cars. The sand or water droplets contained in the wind will have a strong impact on the blade surface. If the blade coating has poor resistance to sand erosion or rain erosion, the protective coating will be significantly lost in a few years, and it will not last for 20 years at all. The lifting and maintenance cost of blades is extremely expensive. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the performance of blade coatings used in inland wind farms in China. As an emerging industry in China, the wind power industry is still booming, but from the current development of the whole industry, it is still chaotic, especially in the field of coating, blindly copying the existing foreign design specifications without considering the special geographical environment and meteorological characteristics of our country. At present, there has been a problem of acclimatization. I hope the relevant departments can take positive and effective measures to establish standards as soon as possible, So as to standardize China's blade coating market and make China's wind power industry develop in a healthy and stable direction

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