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Win now · label innovative thinking seminar will be held in June

in 2012, China's label industry showed a polarized development situation. Large-scale and collectivized development has become the development strategy of brand enterprises. Safety, environmental protection, efficiency and specialization have also become the key points of enterprise upgrading and transformation. In 2013, how will enterprises cope with more fierce competition in the market

Andy Mai United States, the label printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association, and the label printing professional committee of Wuhan Printing Association jointly organized the 2013 label industry innovation thinking (Central China) seminar with famous suppliers such as Allie Dennison and Kurtz, leading the future development of label printing enterprises

we sincerely invite you to attend the 2013 Seminar on innovative thinking in the label industry (Central China), and look forward to your warm support and participation


June 7, 2013


Wuhan Zhongnan Garden Hotel (No. 558, Wuluo Road, Wuhan, where materials are stacked layer by layer to form a three-dimensional entity)


low price, fake and inferior aluminum alloy cable. 1. Introduce the overall solution of the flexographic printing process, including printing equipment, printing materials, auxiliary tools and supporting equipment, covering prepress, printing decoration and molding process

second, in view of the hot topics in the domestic label market, discuss how label printing enterprises in Central China respond to opportunities and challenges, and how to survive and develop in the fierce competition

III. interpret the development trend, latest technology and successful cases of the current international and domestic label printing market

IV. cy/lifting pendulum T "printing technology self-adhesive label quality requirements and inspection methods" industry standard release

8:30 on June 8 ~ visit Hubei Vocational and Technical College (China label talent training base)

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