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WinCon8000 in "Parkhouse" business entertainment shopping

scadahitracemode 6 + WinCon8000

equipment automation management solution in "Parkhouse" business entertainment shopping center

the equipment management control center of Parkhouse business entertainment chain shopping mall in Belkin uses the following

scadataracemode 6 operation module:

and the following hardware equipment:

WinCon8000 industrial controller (Taiwan Hongge)

twidolcta24drf controller (Schneider)

electric energy counter ЦЭ 6822;

in the new generation of shopping center automatic monitoring and management system, tracemode6 is used for the development of operation station (SC labor-intensive ADA layer) and the programming of WinCon8000 controller (soft logic layer). Therefore, microtracemode6forwincon8000 operation module is installed in the WinCon8000 controller

in this way, the user can continue to give priority to the pilot to use the five iec/3 standard programming languages provided by the system to program the WinCon8000 controller (microtracemodeinside) in the tracemode6 integrated development environment. Users can directly download the compiled program from tracemode6 development environment to the controller to perform startup, debugging, modification, detection and other functions. This greatly improves the efficiency of project development, and solves the unstable factor that the operation station and control station need to develop configurations respectively, accounting for nearly 40% of the total capacity. Because the operation station and control station in the system use tracemode6 operation modules: rtm+ and microtracemode6, the data is communicated through the internal protocol based on Ethernet, thus ensuring the high stability and reliability of the operation of the whole system

the new generation of shopping center automatic monitoring and management system developed based on tracemode6 is divided into six parts according to functions:

statistics of internal energy consumption in shopping centers

lighting automatic control management subsystem

distribution equipment status and parameter monitoring subsystem

shopping center heating station and hot water supply monitoring subsystem

1 hub station monitoring subsystem

all energy consumption statistics of investors and businesses

the whole system realizes the following monitoring and management tasks: display the operation of all equipment in the shopping center: the status of all switches, pumps and other equipment, and the alarm information of each monitoring unit in the whole system

trend chart of shopping center equipment parameters

observation and analysis of current information

sound signal alarm function

provide automatic and manual control of all switches, pumps and other equipment

analyze and detect the operation status of all lower space contraction and zigzag equipment in the shopping center

similar equipment monitoring systems are also used in Parkhouse business entertainment chain shopping center in Yekaterinburg. According to the senior management of the chain shopping center, modern Parkhouse business and entertainment chain shopping centers will be established in more than 10 cities in Russia by 2010

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