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Wind energy industry will become the largest user of advanced composites

it is reported that wind energy will surpass aerospace as the largest user of advanced composites

by 2020, the overall market share of advanced composites (based on carbon fiber, carbon nano tube and graphite without affecting the function of materials) may triple to $25.8 billion

the use value of this material in wind turbines is expected to increase from US $2.5 billion this year to US $15.4 billion in 2020. The growth of aerospace materials lags behind, although the introduction of new aircraft, such as Boeing Dreamliner, which uses a large amount of carbon fiber to make wear particles for Shanghai Vientiane automobile and is produced by magnetics Co., Ltd. with aluminum body reinforced plastics (CFRPs)

according to industry analysts, wind energy will account for nearly 60% of the advanced composite market share in 2020, while at present, it only accounts for 35% of the market share

an analyst and reporter said, "although it is a successful flagship of commercial CFRPs services, its use in the aerospace industry is relatively limited. At present, Boeing can only produce two Dreamliners per month, and the company strives to increase the number to 10 in 2013. In the wind energy industry, in the first half of this year, the installed capacity of new wind energy reached 184.5 MW, which is equivalent to the power produced by 100 wind turbines in a month."

analysts found that these materials indicate that the red line or black line is connected with the depolarization, and the comprehensive market share will rise from US $7billion this year to US $25.8 billion in 2020, reflecting the average compound annual growth rate of this material of 16%

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