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Attention of wind power enterprises! What signal does the appearance of the new director of the Ministry of ecological environment reveal

on October 8, the Ministry of ecological environment held a cadre conference, at which the main heads of all departments of the Ministry were announced, and a constitutional oath ceremony was held. The new directors of 23 department and bureau level institutions officially appeared

in fact, as early as September 29, a new director met with you. On the same day, the Ministry of environment held a regular press conference in September, and they were surprised to find that Cui Shuhong was still sitting on the stage

this is an abnormal phenomenon, because according to the Convention, the regular press conference every month is generally attended by different departments and bureaus in turn. On the 31st of last month, the Ministry of environment issued a routine announcement in August. Cui Shuhong, as the director of the Department of environmental impact assessment, just introduced the relevant situation of the reform of "release, management and service"

"last month, director Cui Shuhong also attended the press conference. Today, he has changed and become director of the Department of natural and ecological protection." Probably because of the doubt, liuyoubin, a spokesman for the Ministry of environment, explained as soon as he came up, which caused a lot of laughter under the stage, and even Cui Shuhong himself laughed

on September 11, the Chinese government announced the "three fixed plan" of the Ministry of environment. Bayer, a bureau level machine with 23 internal departments, will also determine the "head" of the certification body for manufacturers in the application of water-based Pu technology. Cui Shuhong was transferred from the environmental assessment department to the ecological department

according to Liu Youbin, the institutional reform of the Ministry of environment is being actively promoted, and the listing will be completed on April 16. On April 20, in order to save costs and obtain greater profits, some manufacturers in the current market will use trapezoidal screw to replace ball screw to complete the transfer of office personnel and some business units. On August 1, the central office and the State Council Office issued the "three fixed plans", which will be officially announced on September 11. In terms of institutional setup, there are 23 department and bureau level institutions, and marine ecological environment department, climate change department, solid waste and chemicals department are added

"up to now, the setup of all departments and bureaus of the Ministry has been basically ready, and the main responsible comrades of all departments and bureaus have also been in place. At the same time, the Ministry has also formulated a detailed plan for the 'three fixed' provisions, which is being reported to the Central Committee for compilation and filing in accordance with the procedures." Liu Youbin said

the regular press conference in September is the first press conference after the announcement of the "three fixed plans" of the Ministry of environment. Therefore, Cui Shuhong also dramatically became the last "old director" to attend the press conference and the first "new director" to appear

"director Cui has been engaged in ecological and environmental protection for a long time. He is a doctor of ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Before going to the environmental assessment department, he once served as the deputy director of the ecological department. During this period, he participated in the organization and planning of many important work. Therefore, you don't have to worry that he is unfamiliar with his work. If you have any sharp questions, just let go and ask." Liu Youbin said

Cui Shuhong himself also said that he attended the press conference again after a month, "this time, we should change the topic, not talking about environmental assessment, but about ecology". He also revealed that in order to participate in the press conference, the comrades of the division prepared a thick pile of materials for him in advance, "after all, I haven't touched it for a long time"

however, at the press conference, Cui Shuhong inadvertently revealed his expertise and knowledge of ecology. When answering the question of "science and technology", he suddenly blurted out that the judgment of scientists is different from that of ordinary people on the quality of ecological conditions

"for example, the trees and parks in some places are very neat, and our ordinary people's judgment must be good. But scientists think that this place is a typical artificial environment with relatively single species and insufficient biodiversity." He said

after Zhuang Xuliang, deputy secretary of the ecological environment research center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Wang Qiao, director of the satellite center of the Ministry of environment, answered the questions, they probably felt that their expression was too professional. They were afraid that they would not understand the flexible packaging requirements of electronic tensile testing machine. Cui Shuhong added a paragraph and translated the expert's expression in plain words

After the press conference, Cui Shuhong was interviewed by China times. He frankly said that there are new challenges in coming to the new post. What he used to do in the EIA department was to coordinate the relationship between economic development and environmental protection, and make a good spatial layout of development through "drawing a frame"; In the Department of ecology, the more prominent task is to protect the precious natural resources and ecosystems left by our ancestors

"in fact, the goals of both are the same. They are the bottom line of protecting the ecology and environment and preventing damage to the ecological environment, but the means are different." Cui Shuhong said

"ecological problems have been raised to an unprecedented strategic height"

since this year, ecology has been raised to an unprecedented height. p>

in Cui Shuhong's view, the central government has always attached great importance to ecological issues before, and has raised an unprecedented strategic height after the 18th CPC National Congress. p>

in reality, the ecological situation is indeed not optimistic. According to the results of the remote sensing survey and evaluation of the changes in the national ecological situation, there are serious problems in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, such as the shortage of water resources, which seriously restricts the regional ecological security, the disconnection of rivers and the shrinkage of wetlands. The Yangtze River economic belt has the problems of high intensity of natural shoreline development in the middle and lower reaches and high ecological risks in the coastal zone

"the investigation and evaluation results show that the per capita water resources in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region is only 1/9 of the national average. Since 2000, except for a few years, the intensity of water resources development and utilization has exceeded 100%, far exceeding the international general safety limit for water resources development and utilization. The Yongding River, Chaobai River and other major rivers and canals have been cut off throughout the year." Cui Shuhong said, "the retention rate of the natural coastline of the Yangtze River is only 44.0%. Sand and gravel wharves and small scattered wharves account for 5.4% of the total length of the coastline of the Yangtze River. Chemical enterprises occupy 148 kilometers of the coastline of the Yangtze River, which has become a major risk source for the ecological environment of the Yangtze River."

after the institutional reform of the State Council, the Ministry of environment will exercise important regulatory functions in ecological protection, including supervising various nature reserves and ecological protection red lines, wildlife protection, wetland ecological environment protection, desertification prevention and control, etc

"supervision is mainly achieved through the following four aspects: first, formulating and organizing the implementation of policies, plans and standards in the field of ecological environment; second, being responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of ecological environment; third, being responsible for the supervision and law enforcement of ecological environment; fourth, being responsible for the supervision and accountability of local governments and their relevant departments." Cui Shuhong said

will such strong ecological environmental protection have a negative impact on economic and social development? Cui Shuhong said there was no need to worry about this

taking the delimitation of the ecological protection red line as an example, Cui Shuhong said that the ecological protection red line is not a "no man's land", nor a "vacuum zone" for development, nor "absolute" protection for all areas. In addition to areas expressly prohibited by laws and regulations, regions other than regions are encouraged to implement the task of reducing production capacity as soon as possible, make rational use of the high-quality ecological resources of the ecological protection red line, explore the mechanism of realizing the value of ecological products, and turn green waters and mountains into golden mountains and silver mountains

"moreover, we should strengthen the ecological compensation for those who are effective and beneficial to the protection, so that the protectors cannot suffer losses in terms of income, and let the protectors benefit from ecological compensation to meet the basic needs of economic, social and people's livelihood development." He said

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