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Guangyuan Carter excavator () uses xinzhizao [Select Carter earth moving machinery]

Guangyuan Carter excavator () uses xinzhizao [Select Carter earth moving machinery]

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Guangyuan Carter excavator () uses xinzhizao [Select Carter earth moving machinery] please dial: Manager lOOO Zheng

if the excavator engine directly reduces the engine life and does not directly meet the requirements affecting the engine reliability, the paper filter must be understood by understanding and understanding the functions and parameters related to the engine and air filter. You need to know the filter precision of the paper you need to know. It is important to understand the filtration accuracy and resistance requirements of the air filter. Domestic excavator diesel engine diesel engine intake filter 5um accuracy requirements 80 μ M fine filter, air filter precision is generally less than 30um paper feeding precision, 2um fine filter inlet is less than 20 μ m。 Therefore, the selected air filter must match the output, economy and reliability of the original engine, and the filter paper should have thickness, tensile strength and original resistance. How to choose a suitable small excavator? How to choose a small excavator is what you need most. Let's take a look at the introduction. Failure rate of small excavators, Durability and operating cost (fuel consumption). Another practical aspect of this equipment is the diversity of work, "one machine is mainly used" The newly produced digmeng bd95w-9 wheel excavator grabber, which meets the needs of customers for a variety of infrastructure, takes into account earthwork excavation, crushing and other work, and is mainly used in industrial and civil construction, highway, agriculture, forestry, water conservancy and hydropower and other basic projects. Whether in the suburbs. In hilly areas, the inlay made of tepex Dynalite 104-rg601 is used as the surface course, and the bd95w-9 excavator grabber can solve the construction problems in snowy and mountainous areas. In this way, when applied to a variety of construction scenarios, it can not only improve the utilization of equipment. The need to increase the number of vehicle covers to facilitate maintenance has not saved customers' investment costs and created value. "One machine for general use" enables customers to meet a variety of infrastructure needs in the near future. It is no longer necessary to purchase other excavators according to the construction environment. The wide cab has reserved more space for the driver's legs; Equipped with suspended luxury seats, it can effectively compare the driver's fatigue

maintenance cycle) usually determines the final profit. As we all know, the engines, pumps and valves of domestic small excavators are mostly imported parts, such as design concept (compactness, heat treatment), mechanical matching (power matching, electronic technology), assembly process (low temperature environment) and dusty environment. In the process of use, there are problems such as high noise, high fuel consumption and oil leakage. It is easy to jointly develop new experimental machines and means, difficult to control, and high depreciation rate. Although small excavators have matured in China, they are also very different. First of all, do not harvest earthwork easily. Under the land, you can't predict what you will do with the computer system through the controller; Others ask you to study it in depth, and you may have to toss around for a day. Secondly, due to the short construction period of small construction machinery, it is necessary to observe before each construction. Third, the country's machinery is more profitable than urban operations. On the one hand: people seldom owe wages. They have money to find you work. On the other hand: ordinary people do not have the person in charge of the city. Working in ordinary people's homes may bring you a rural job. All excavator manufacturers should adapt to this development trend. In order to meet the needs of national customers, digmeng excavator manufacturers have launched environmental friendly multi-functional wheel excavators to meet the needs of businesses. Tomorrow, I will explain to you the advantages of this multi-functional wheel excavator. Excavator maintenance dig League after sales service station customer service Common faults of excavator maintenance: weak excavator, slow action of excavator heat engine, slow action of excavator bucket, no action of the whole excavator, engine oil burning of the excavator, deviation of the excavator, arm dropping of the excavator, unilateral deviation of the excavator, slow action of the excavator holding the machine, weak whole excavator, slow speed of the excavator bucket, abnormal noise of the excavator boom, no action of the whole excavator, slow and weak lifting of the excavator boom Maintenance and repair of excavators, such as slow single action of excavators, speed drop of excavators, weak air supply of excavator boom, etc. Goumeng excavator maintenance Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 by the Western imported excavator maintenance alliance. Longhaoxing machinery a9e26s729wq2x

letter first "serves the excavator owners with the basic concept. With the domestic leading testing, commissioning and maintenance equipment and experienced maintenance technicians, goumeng excavator maintenance Co., Ltd. is known as the" Western * * * excavator maintenance and repair after-sales Center for preventing samples from flying out and breeding new wear marks due to too much pressure " 。 High quality and efficient welding process and equipment, such as automatic semi-automatic inverter CO2 gas shielded welding machine and submerged arc automatic welding. Develop automatic welding. On the basis of CO2 gas shielded semi-automatic welding, strengthen the use of automatic welding to weld regular welds such as straight lines and circles. It is hoped that there will be a breakthrough in the application of automatic welding to the welding of irregular curve parts, make valuable experience and good progress, broaden the application scope of automatic welding and expand the proportion of automatic welding. Improve process equipment through various channels, such as assembly fixture and welding positioner. Improve welding quality and work efficiency, and reduce the labor intensity of welders. Dig League wheel excavator type a bd95w-9a is an 8-ton small energy-saving and environment-friendly wheel excavator launched by dig League company

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