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Guangzhou artificial intelligence industry skill competition launch

(Cao Yue and Tang Ningna) at the China Innovation and entrepreneurship achievement Fair held in Guangzhou a few days ago, someone tasted the cappuccino made by the coffee robot and said "no soul was injected". This comment once again triggered the discussion of machine replacement. "The automatic manual coffee making arm can perform repetitive actions for a long time, reduce the error rate, ensure the accuracy of the manual coffee making process, and improve the production efficiency.


it is understood that in 2017, Yuanyang County conducted employment training for 129 poverty relief objects with employment needs, introduced jobs to 33 poverty relief objects with employment intention, 6 poverty relief objects received assistance from loan free subsidy and small guaranteed loan projects, and 129 employees Realize employment or entrepreneurship


recently, a supermarket in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, was robbed by a man with a knife in the early morning. At that time, there were only two female salespersons in the supermarket. The cashier, sister Wang, said in a few words that the gangsters ran away


it is understood that the 2018 social assistance program of Xi'an Federation of trade unions has started in early July, and the number of full-time college students from difficult worker families in the city who have entered the national and prefecture level files of difficult workers in the trade union assistance management manufacturer system has reached 12% Full coverage for women. According to Zhang Jianru, director of the assistance center of Xi'an Federation of trade unions, the subsidy standard for this year's student aid has been improved compared with previous years, and the assistance fund has reached 3million yuan


(sunguangyong) the third rescue operation of Chiang Rai cave in Thailand started at 10:08 local time on the 10th. This time, the remaining five people were rescued and 3al3o2 bull was damaged; Composition of 2SiO2 protective film; MoSi2 co alloyed by Al and Nb. At 12:00, the chief commander of the rescue command center and Yin nalongsa of the government of Chiang Rai held a press conference, saying that the rescue team started the rescue work at 10:08 local time on the 10th. In the early morning of the same day, the rescue workers completed the preparations such as supplementing the oxygen cylinder and the fixed rope amplified by the high-speed amplifier

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according to foreign media reports, rescuers entered the Chiang Rai karst cave in Thailand at noon local time on the 10th to launch the third round of rescue operations, hoping to rescue the four young football players and their coaches who are still trapped in the cave. On the other hand, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of public health of Thailand revealed that the first four teenagers rescued from the Chiang Rai karst cave had been able to eat normally, and their families went to the hospital on the evening of the 9th across the glass


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