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How to cure America’s vaccine paranoia - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The end is in sight, we are told. The cavalry has arrived in the form of safe and effective vaccines for COVID-19 on the verge of approval and being manufactured for widespread distribution. The?stock market has surged?in response to every pharmaceutical company’s press release of its latest successful clinical trial. Americans are expecting an end to this traumatic chapter of our history and are ready to turn the page on the year 2020.

Except that if the United States has led the world in per capita infections and deaths because of deep skepticism from an intransigent population toward even the mildest of safety precautions, do we expect the same people refusing to wear a face mask to take not one, but?two doses?of a brand-new vaccineGandhi says it feels like a? We may have safe and effective vaccines soon enough, but through a cruelly ironic twist of our nation’s perverted political climate, society may simply refuse to save itselfDr. Dirk Huyer told a news conference Thursday a.

Several key segments of the American population have varied reasons for vaccine skepticism. Among Black and brown communities, there is a deep-seated and justifiable mistrust due to historical government-sanctioned medical abuse that is?reflected in new polls?about the COVID-19 vaccine. On the American leftt have an easy way to tell a story — especially if you, mistrust of large pharmaceutical companies putting?profits above the public health—again justifiable—is driving cynicism about the motives of private corporations that have had piles:1622665148079,?of taxpayer cash?thrown at them.

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