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Hester forklift new technology

vsm vehicle management system

the Hester pacesetter vsmtm: on board computer enhances reliability

fortis series forklift all electronic control systems are managed by a unique dedicated on-board computer system, which is called pacesetter VSM (on-board system manager). This system is developed exclusively by Hester and uses CANbus communication network. It is known as the "brain" of forklift electronic control system. It enhances the maintenance performance of forklift, and also has the function of automatic fault diagnosis and automatic prompt of maintenance interval. By managing all the circuit systems of the forklift truck, the performance of the whole vehicle can be optimized and the reliability of the whole vehicle can be significantly improved. At the same time, the fault diagnosis ability is enhanced, and the normal working time is extended to the greatest extent. VSM can also customize the performance parameters of forklifts to meet the special application needs of users. Under complex application conditions, it can reduce the stress of forklift and avoid unnecessary damage caused by improper use, so as to greatly improve production efficiency. Moreover, the diagnosis function and performance parameter customization function can be operated through the display button, which is simple and convenient

duramatch electronic control gearbox

the Hyster duramatch Tm: a cost saving transmission solution

gearbox failure is often one of the main reasons for the shutdown of internal combustion forklifts. Based on this, Hester designed a new electronic control gearbox for Fortis series forklifts, called duramatch. This kind of gearbox design can not only improve the performance of forklifts and reduce operating costs; It can also reduce wear and damage, reduce downtime costs and maintenance costs, and reduce driver fatigue. Features mainly include automatic deceleration system (ads) and controllable power steering system. The controllable power steering system can make most steering operations in the impact state smoother; Reduce tire wear and make the driver more comfortable. After the accelerator pedal is released, the adjustable automatic deceleration system (ads) can change the deceleration to slow down the forklift. At the same time, it also allows customization of forklift performance parameters to meet the needs of different drivers. This means using fewer brake pedals, reducing brake system wear and reducing driver fatigue. The test shows that this electronic transmission can increase the working efficiency by more than 10%, have better acceleration performance and climbing performance, and increase the lifting/lowering speed by 15%

electronic hydraulic proportional control joystick

touchpointtm Mini levels or touchcontroltm joystick:

e-hydraulic controls that reduce driver fatigue

in order to improve the use of cheap plastic bags, the comfort and flexibility of many drivers, and reduce the excessive fatigue of muscles and arm joints, Hester has developed the electronic hydraulic proportional control joystick exclusively. It has strong handling performance and other characteristics, including touchpointtm Mini paddle and even low-level carbon fiber, which can produce real carbon fiber composites as optional touchcontroltm operating handles. The configuration design of the operating handle on the armrest side of the seat and the short swing design of the mini paddle make it easier for the driver to operate. The adjustable armrest, which is configured together with the electronic hydraulic proportional control, has the functions of moving with the seat as a whole and the separate printing equipment is usually layered to establish the forward extension. The armrest shape can meet the driver's comfort to the greatest extent, and can be adjusted to the right side to get on and off

HSM mechanical stability mechanism: improved driver confidence and safety

hsmtm HSM mechanical stability mechanism greatly improves the safety of the whole vehicle, reduces the inclination of the forklift when turning, and improves the lateral stability of the whole vehicle. The advanced suspension system reduces the number of pivot points at the hinge of the steering axle. This design can make the forklift pass through uneven roads more smoothly, such as the dock unloading platform, the interior of tanks, gravel roads and so on. Moreover, the device is 100% maintenance free and highly reliable

Hester AC technology

Hester's new AC traction control system through a single transistor controller makes our products faster to carry goods, faster to increase speed, better downhill control, higher efficiency and larger heat capacity than traditional products provided by other manufacturers. An important feature of AC technology is that the system can provide a large torque range at any driving speed, thus improving the traction performance of forklift trucks. The system can also provide stable acceleration/deceleration and automatic deceleration to stop when the forklift is moving forward and reversing

the structure of AC traction motor is simpler than that of DC motor of the same grade: there is no carbon brush, and there is no need to replace carbon brush or motor commutator. The design of motor is to provide better torque, speed performance, reliability and thermal performance even after using the motor for several years without maintenance; This will directly translate into lower operating costs, higher reliability and longer service life

thermal management system

Hester's thermal control system achieves a good balance between the temperature control limits of the motor and the controller. Hester temperature control system has better thermal performance than ordinary DC system. Under the harsh high temperature operation, the new system will reduce the power of the forklift when necessary to ensure the safe operation of the forklift, rather than suddenly shut down the forklift

CANbus data bus electrical system

different from the existing designs of other companies, Hester began to widely use CANbus data bus structure on storage forklifts. This technology has proved very effective in the field use of Hester. This technology greatly simplifies the electrical system of forklift trucks by reducing the number of wires and wire interfaces required by the whole vehicle. This improvement greatly reduces the possibility of faults caused by wires. With the reduction of faults and the time required to solve them, the forklift failure downtime is also greatly reduced. The significance of this to our customers is that the cost of repair and maintenance is reduced due to the enhancement of reliability and fault diagnosis ability, thereby improving work efficiency

instant power steering

Hester adopts instant power steering mechanism, that is, the steering motor does not work when there is no steering action, so as to reduce power consumption and prolong the service life of the steering motor. The steering motor is equipped with an instant steering controller with low noise and low energy consumption. The brushless motor eliminates all the parts, labor and maintenance costs of the ordinary brush motor, which ultimately reduces the downtime and increases more production and operation time

electro hydraulic control

in order to make the control more convenient and accurate, the control of hydraulic action adopts electro-hydraulic proportional control mode. Electrohydraulic control provides a higher level of operation comfort design that has not been available in previous products - fingertip control hydraulic function, including an arm cushion that can be adjusted according to personal conditions. When electro-hydraulic control is selected, the speed of the pump is the flow required for proportional control to match the output, so it is quieter and has better performance during operation. Fingertip control is a simpler and most comfortable operation mode. (end)

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