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In terms of packaging aesthetics, on the one hand, the requirements of beverage packaging are to enable consumers to see the contents of the packaging, so as to clearly inspect the quality of the product, such as the color of the product, whether there is sediment, etc. On the other hand, the attractive design can be presented to consumers, and the data and promotion information of packaged products can be displayed on the packaging as much as possible

with the development of packaging technology, it is not allowed to choose the model of resin according to the melt activity rate (MFR) of resin. Various packaging forms and materials with different colors are introduced. Among them, the set label packaging is a more popular and common packaging form in recent years, which can not only reflect the unique shape of packaging containers, but also print brilliant and bright returns, and stand out among the products on the shelf and win the favor of consumers

although the set label close to the outline of the packaging container has good visual effect, the production cost is relatively high. In response to this, Krones Ag developed another cost-effective option that we can customize the experimental machine according to customer needs - the sealing shrinkage sleeve technology

steam shrinkage process

in fact, the sealing shrinkage sleeve label is a combination of contiroll labeling machine, UV hardening tunnel and shrinkage tunnel. This technology will replace the previous shrink sealed bottle labeling process. Its special feature is that the steam shrink tunnel with hot air tunnel is used for shrink packaging, so it is more eye-catching to change it into metal and glass

film sealing to container

the shrink sleeve label allows the steam tunnel to cooperate with the newly developed stretched polyethylene material, which can shrink up to 22% of the film on the container. The specific process is the same as that of the general contiroll labeling machine. First, the film is wound from the reel to the container, and the head and tail of the film are glued together with UV crosslinkable hot-melt adhesive

the UV lamp illuminates the hot sol

and then the packaging container is transported into the 1 meter long tunnel. At this time, the UV lamp will be activated and the hot sol will be thermally dissolved to make it cross connected. The unique design of these UV lamps can provide users with a series of advantages

realize steam thermal shrinkage

after ultraviolet irradiation, the container will then enter the shrinkage tunnel. In the shrinking tunnel, the film label will be based on and match the shape of the bottle, and the steam solid plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology to shrink and cling. Shrinkmat steam tunnel is a newly developed component of Krones. Because the steam chamber is completely insulated, the energy loss is kept in a small range as far as possible, and the operator can be protected from injury due to contact with the hot part

module design adds flexibility

another feature of steam tunnel is its modular design, which provides an option to expand the existing tunnel, and the production capacity can be improved by adding modules when necessary. In addition, ultraviolet tunnel and steam shrinkage tunnel can be directly combined with actual production, or the existing equipment can be retrofitted in the form of bypass, which greatly increases the flexibility of production

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