New technology of the hottest chestnut pot storage

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New technology of chestnut canning

the new technology of chestnut canning was successfully studied by the fruit and vegetable processing teaching and Research Department of food science of Shandong Agricultural University or the maintenance room of the board card requiring high technology

chestnut is rich in nutrition and is loved by people. However, due to its vigorous metabolism after harvest, it is easy to rot and deteriorate if there is no corresponding storage and transportation measures. In addition, chestnut kernel tissue is rich in tannins, which is easy to browning products in the process of processing into cans, which not only reduces the commodity value, but also affects the aroma and flavor of cans. This project is to immerse chestnut with shell removed into the prepared peeling agent to remove the tannin containing epidermis of seeds, Then adopt a series of new processing techniques, seal and sterilize them, that is to say, Canned Chestnuts in sugar water can not only be sold domestically, but also be exported to earn foreign exchange. It is a good way for township enterprises to get rich. Based on an annual output of 600 tons of canned chestnuts, the annual output value can be 4.2 million yuan, and the profit and tax can be 864000 yuan. This technology can be transferred, a full set of process technology can be provided, and on-site teaching and technical training can be carried out until qualified products are produced

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source: fruit and vegetable processing teaching and Research Office, Department of food science, Shandong Agricultural University

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