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In recent years, the focus of the development of China's tire industry has shifted from the past "scale, quantity and speed" to a rational development track characterized by "structure, quality, brand and efficiency". Cai Weimin, Secretary General of the tire branch of China Rubber Industry Association, pointed out that in order to walk more stably and faster on this road and smoothly realize the transformation and structural adjustment of the industry, energy conservation and emission reduction and improving energy efficiency must be placed in an important position in the development of the industry

at present, energy saving and consumption reduction activities have been carried out in the tire industry of wheel testing machine, which is a kind of mechanical equipment to obtain data mechanical properties. Among them, the promotion and application of a number of new technologies and processes has greatly reduced the energy consumption of 10000 yuan of industrial added value in the tire industry

for example, the rubber mixing process is the process with the highest energy consumption in tire production, accounting for about 40% of the energy consumption of the whole tire testing machine how to maintain the production process. At present, many enterprises have successfully developed the low-temperature one-time rubber mixing process for the rubber mixing process. This technology changes the traditional multi-stage mixing into one-time mixing, that is, after the rubber is mixed in the internal mixer at high temperature, it is first cooled by the first open mixer, and then symmetrically distributed to the surrounding open refiners through the central conveying system for continuous low-temperature mixing, so as to directly obtain the final rubber. The whole process strengthens the mixing effect of the lower auxiliary machine, and the whole process realizes automatic control. The new process reduces the intermediate transmission link of rubber, thus reducing the occupation of a large number of turnover rubber, saving more than 1/2 of the land occupation; The time of converting raw materials into rubber compounds is shortened from 12 hours with good durability to 30 minutes, which greatly saves the cost of raw materials; The power consumption per ton of rubber is reduced by about 20%, and the production efficiency is increased by more than 2 times

for another example, the promotion of nitrogen vulcanization process is also one of the major highlights of energy conservation and emission reduction in the tire industry. In the past, superheated water was used to heat the tire during vulcanization. In fact, only a small part of the heat of the circulating superheated water was absorbed by the tire, and a large amount of hot water was recycled ineffectively. Using nitrogen instead of hot water as the internal pressure medium of vulcanization is more advanced than the original superheated water vulcanization process in terms of production efficiency, product quality, production cost and energy consumption

in addition to the breakthroughs in new technologies and processes, Cai Weimin revealed that in the next step, the tire branch of China Rubber Association will also promote the in-depth development of energy conservation and consumption reduction activities in the industry in the following aspects: first, help enterprises establish correct concepts and realize the importance of energy conservation and consumption reduction for enterprises to become stronger and bigger; Second, we will focus on promoting the successful experience and advanced technology of some enterprises; Third, jointly formulate tire process management specifications and green tire specifications with enterprises to promote the industrialization of green tires; Fourth, efforts should be made to promote the coordinated development of relevant industries and the tire industry, and support the research and development and application of new materials such as green environmental protection additives, special carbon black, steel cord and gutta percha. The rubber machine equipment industry should timely understand the development needs of tire enterprises, and pay attention to and grasp the information trends of green tire manufacturing

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