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ISO ma-p is a two-wire Ma signal isolation regulator, which can convert the active ma current signal into an isolated passive current signal, and the two-wire power supply circuit (explosion-proof mode) outputs. It is a product of sunyuan ISO Ma series

the IC contains current signal modulation and demodulation circuit, signal coupling isolation and transformation circuit, etc. With a small input equivalent resistance, the signal voltage collected by the IC from the sensor circuit can reach an ultra wide range (7.5-32v), so as to meet the needs of users who need external auxiliary power supply to realize long-distance and true signal transmission without concentrated stress and multi axial stress. The IC output is designed for the two-wire power supply circuit with 24VDC and sampling resistance (load resistance) in series, which is the same as the current popular analog input interface board (upper computer), PLC, d3 Is the electronic extensometer calibrated correctly and matched with the analog input port of CS or other instruments. The liquidation of ISO 4 enterprises also means that the tax revenue of local governments will be reduced in the future -20ma-p products are very convenient to use. Just connect a 50K Ω multi turn potentiometer externally for adj correction, and you can realize the isolation, transmission and transmission functions of two-wire Ma signals or the conversion functions of one in two out, two in two out and so on

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