New technology of manufacturing textile fiber from

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New technology for manufacturing textile fibers from corn husks

scientists at Nebraska State University in the United States invented a new technology for manufacturing textile fibers from corn husks

Igor young, an American researcher, uses basic chemicals to extract cellulose fibers from corn husks and purify them

what is the reason why Igor hydraulic universal testing machine an needs the guidance of the manufacturer to carry forward this kind of design Yang said that this kind of fiber can be used to make yarn and weave into comfortable and easy to dye cloth. Samples of sweaters have been produced with this kind of fiber

in the preliminary study of Igor young, he found that short fibers can be extracted from the corn shell, which cannot be used to make textile yarn. Later, he learned how to lengthen the length of this fiber. The improved fiber has been spun into yarn using the research equipment of the Southern California State of the United States Department of agriculture

with 3 pounds of corn shell, it will not cause false structure. The extracted fiber is enough to make a T-shirt

at present, Igor Yang is seeking a fund of 2million US dollars to invest and develop Igor pilot plant, which can produce 2000 pounds of fiber per day. The solution is to clean the buffer valve pounds of fiber

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