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New technology of packaging anti-counterfeiting design

New Technology of packaging anti-counterfeiting design

in the past, the application of anti-counterfeiting technology was limited to currency, securities, special industries, etc. But nowadays, counterfeiting is no longer limited to money, checks and bonds. Valuables such as drugs, tobacco and alcohol are now often counterfeited. Anti counterfeiting has become a rapidly growing market. Engraving gravure printing, confidence will not be bad. Laser holography, special ink, watermark and encryption code technology have been widely used. Here we introduce the anti-counterfeiting technology used in product packaging design. This technology is Barco's cecvseal technology

this technology is to add anti-counterfeiting features from the packaging pattern design, which can be easily identified without increasing the printing cost. At the same time, the packaging products made by the advanced secvseal professional anti-counterfeiting design have the characteristics of being unable or difficult to prevent

because hidden structures can be embedded in the design, warning messages will appear when this product is copied. Secvseal provides a set of tools to verify the authenticity of products. This is also the basic feature of secvseal

like other barcofastlane products, secvseal design and version assembly system has the productivity of plate separation. The anti-counterfeiting module is integrated into the standard interface to ensure the highest efficiency. The powerful, flexible and interactive performance of the system makes the plastic industry omnipotent process? Blow molding machine technology ancestors design better anti-counterfeiting packaging is creative

the basic features of the following series of Barco secvseal packaging anti-counterfeiting design software

1. color selection. You can choose ink sets that are difficult to copy to effectively prevent color copying. If one color is copied correctly, the other will be distorted

2. Special anti-counterfeiting light shed design. Using secvseal's special light shed software, you can use any point shape (which can be irregular shape) set by the user to place the experimental machine on a solid platform to represent the continuous tone image, and its shape can also automatically change with the brightness of the original image. Any existing rip and offset output device cannot output any point shape or will use ceramic materials on S3. This feature is also easy to identify. Any user can distinguish the authenticity with the naked eye without special equipment

3. Convex line design - instantly generate embossed background. In traditional anti-counterfeiting technology, relief patterns are made by relief machine tools. First, the relief figure should be made into a model, and the relief machine tool should record while scanning the model. The principle is to convert the vertical motion of the probe into the horizontal motion of the recording needle. Fast background software simulates the creation of relief patterns in this way. Of course, due to the use of computer-aided design, the scope and complexity of its creation are far from mechanical

for example, between the foreground and the background, there is not only the height of relief, but also the change of linewidth, which makes the anti-counterfeiter flinch

4. Pattern background design. Many beautiful patterns, such as snowflakes and crystals, have been used in anti-counterfeiting design. Not only because of its beauty, but also because of its complex structure, rich in changes. Secvseal's crystal simulation provides a variety of ready-made symmetrical structures for users to choose. All users need to do is click the mouse, and the complex crystal structure background can be generated instantly

5. Network background design. Its principle is to use some kind of graph to form text as the basic structure, so that it is repeatedly arranged along the given direction or the path drawn by the user, and geometric deformation occurs at the same time. It is almost impossible for the imitator to find out its law

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