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New technology of plastic flexible packaging film

active plastic film

an Australian company has successfully developed an active plastic packaging film, which can maintain the freshness of perishable products such as fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers for several weeks, and better solve the problem of long-distance transportation of these products. This kind of packaging film with good fresh-keeping performance is a kind of breathable film, which can let the generated carbon dioxide and oxygen pass through, so that the perishable products can keep sleeping. The film is impregnated with organic chemicals, which can absorb ethylene that promotes the ripening of fruits and vegetables, and keep the surroundings of perishable products moist; At the same time, because the film contains a small amount of slow release fungicide, it can also prevent the growth of mold. Therefore, the fresh-keeping period of packaged fruits and vegetables can be extended by more than one time

heat shrinkable film

the competition of plastic film is becoming increasingly fierce. People pay more attention to the better shrinkage and lower cost of the film. Many companies have introduced polystyrene resin with better performance. At present, shrink films made from corn and other raw materials have emerged, which have strong environmental protection and recyclability. In addition, OPP film with low shrinkage has a large market, which can be easily integrated into the existing recycling system of enterprises. Recently, heat shrinkable film labels are very popular in consumer goods packaging, and PVC film accounts for a large market share

coextrusion film

coextrusion film is the latest technological development trend in the packaging film industry. This kind of film adopts common ink and coating, which has high barrier, good transparency, thermal sealing and flexibility of typesetting and printing, and can be used as plasma coating material. The development of CO extrusion packaging film will change the product structure of multi-functional film, which is suitable for food packaging such as beverages, milk, fresh meat and so on. Coextrusion packaging films account for about 40% of all flexible plastic packaging films in developed countries, while only about 6% in China

edible film

this kind of film is made of natural edible substances (such as polysaccharides, proteins, etc.) as raw materials, and the host is formed by electromechanical interaction between different molecules. It can be used in the inner packaging of all kinds of instant food, and has a huge market in the food industry

degradable film

this kind of film mainly solves the contradiction that it is difficult to recover some packaging materials that are not easy to degrade. Embedding them underground will damage the soil structure, and incineration will produce toxic gases and cause air pollution. Ningbo's new material industry has many degradable plastic packaging films, which not only have the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can be degraded in the natural environment through the action of microorganisms in soil and water or through the action of ultraviolet rays in sunlight after the service life is completed. Degradable plastic products have been widely used in packaging, such as ordinary packaging films, shrink films, shopping bags, garbage bags, etc., and play a positive role in improving the environment

water soluble film

water soluble plastic packaging film, as a new green packaging material, is widely used in the packaging of various products in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. Water soluble films have been paid attention to by developed countries in the world because of their environmental protection characteristics, such as complete degradation, safe and convenient use, in which 60% - 80% of the fractures in aviation engineering are caused by the fatigue damage of structural materials. At present, foreign enterprises mainly produce and sell such products in Japan, the United States, France and other countries, and domestic enterprises have also been put into production, and their products are going to the market

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