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Kao and Shanghai Charity Foundation held a donation ceremony for the 15th anniversary of cooperation. Release date: Source: Kao

in the afternoon of June 9, 2021, Kao (China) and Shanghai Charity Foundation held a donation ceremony for the 15th anniversary of cooperation. This year, Kao (China) donated a total of 3.05 million worth of daily necessities to environmental sanitation workers, children's welfare homes, nursing homes, university love houses and other institutions in some districts and counties of Shanghai through the Shanghai Charity Foundation. This donation is the 15th consecutive year that Kao (China) has cooperated with Shanghai Charity Foundation. Through the foundation, Kao has donated nearly tens of millions of love materials to people in need. For 15 years, Kao has integrated enterprise management into the sustainable development of society and practiced the "Kao road" with practical actions. Such as the high softness of the rhythmic balance pad; Ultra low specific gravity of floating plate and floating bed; The weatherability, high tensile resilience, low water absorption and salt water resistance of the diving suit; High elasticity and plasticity of shoulder pad and knee pad; Xikouchu, chairman of Kao (China), Oka Shintaro, general manager of Kao (China) Product Service Co., Ltd., dizaki Minhe, deputy general manager of Kao (China) Investment Co., Ltd., Shi Nanchang and Zhou Shanshan, vice chairmen of Shanghai Charity Foundation, representatives of college students, environmental sanitation workers and the media attended the ceremony. Shinanchang, vice president of Shanghai Charity Foundation, issued a donation certificate to Kao (China) who has actively deployed in the fields of nuclear medicine, new radiation utilization and nuclear instruments and equipment. At the historical node of the 15th anniversary of hand in hand, Kao and Shanghai Charity Foundation said that in the future, both sides will continue to relay love and provide more meaningful help to groups in need in the society according to actual needs. At the ceremony, the two sides also exchanged souvenirs and trophies for the 15th anniversary

since 2006, Kao has actively donated health care day care products, clothing washing products, skin cleaning and skin care products, physiological hygiene products, etc. through the Shanghai Charity Foundation for 15 consecutive years. It has carried out targeted material assistance and love assistance. Our goal is to cooperate to establish an automobile carbon fiber composite center in Wuhu. With the gradual normalization of epidemic prevention, Kao donated hand sanitizer to schools in Shanghai this year. In addition, Kao learned through the Shanghai Charity Foundation that after the summer, the environmental sanitation workers have a great demand for sunscreen and other basic protective materials. Therefore, more than 40000 sunscreens were added to the original donated materials this year, basically covering the environmental sanitation workers in Shanghai. With the coordination and mobilization of the representative organizations of Shanghai Charity Foundation, love materials have been distributed to the sanitation workers in succession to help "urban beauticians" resist the damage of ultraviolet rays and bring care and energy to the sanitation workers

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