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Thinking about the development of Guangdong wood coatings industry

thinking about the development of Guangdong wood coatings industry

June 27, 2019

thinking about the development of an industry is a big and extremely difficult problem, because we should not only keep abreast of the current situation, but also break through the time limit

we do not have the ability to predict. In addition, the invisible hand of the market is still disorder rather than order. However, from the perspective of development, we have to challenge the prediction. Fortunately, development is a macro concept, because we can only analyze such big problem coatings from a macro perspective

after 30 years of development, Guangdong wood coatings industry has established a certain degree of confidence and is still full of vitality. To paraphrase a common saying, the road ahead must be both bright and rugged. However, since it comes to starting again, it has been shown that conventional electronic universal mainly adopts servo electromechanical as the power source. The current internal and external environment is far from what it used to be, and the whole industry will face more and greater new challenges from both internal and external aspects

first, we should completely jump out of the local regional thinking at the level of development concept and ideology

in the past 30 years, great changes have taken place in our industry landscape, giving us a higher and broader vision and a larger and broader pattern. When we look at our own development from the perspective of industry development, we begin to regard the industry as a whole and see close connection and unity

from a regional perspective, the development of wood coatings in Guangdong in the past 30 years can be roughly divided into two stages: one is the stage with Shunde as the core, and the other is the stage of spreading from Shunde to the whole Guangdong. In a matter of fact, the Guangdong stage was also basically declared over. Therefore, if the wood coating industry in Guangdong wants to continue to develop, it needs to further break the concept of relying on mountains and rivers to make a living. It still needs to further conform to the market trend, jump out of the local thinking, go out of Guangdong, and look at the whole country, the Asia Pacific and the world in an all-round way

as for the past mountains and rivers and the so-called experience and model, it is wise to see whether it will have an adverse impact on the next development, forming limitations or even shackles. In any case, from the perspective of the history of social development, there can be no real progress without negation. The development and progress of the industry need some inheritance, but more importantly, some negation. Negation requires courage, not just compromise and tolerance

with the development of China's opening to the outside world and economic globalization, foreign-funded enterprises have been running around in China's wood coatings industry. "The the Belt and Road" has brought many opportunities for more and more Guangdong wood coatings enterprises to practice the development strategy of "basing themselves on the domestic market and going global". Guangdong wood coatings industry should take full advantage of this opportunity to thoroughly break through the regional thinking and contact with international peers, so as to clearly identify the global positioning of the industry and promote the development of the industry to a new level

second, we should clearly realize that in the past, development relied more on opportunities and opportunities, but from now on, development will depend more on our own ability and strength

the development in the past 30 years has roughly experienced two stages from the perspective of market users: the retail C-end opportunity market, which is eager for quick success and instant benefit, and the factory b-end opportunity market, which emphasizes first mover and system construction. Opportunities and opportunities are naturally different. Of course, these are also corresponding to the two development stages from the regional perspective. It is obvious that the past development cycle of this industry (we combine the two stages of C-end opportunities and b-end opportunities in the past 30 years into one cycle) has reached its peak. Both C-end opportunities and b-end opportunities have fully entered the relatively saturated development stage of centralized competition, product transformation and stock segmentation, which has become an industry consensus without any data to explain. That is to say, the new stage or cycle has started from the existing stock, we have started again, and we are no longer a blank sheet of paper

therefore, what we are facing now will no longer be a so-called prosperous scene of barbaric growth and disordered competition, but will be a centralized competition form of increasingly market-oriented globalization. This more complex and changeable new form will fully test our ability and strength

where are the new opportunities? Can the concept of industry and product business be effectively extended and redefined? What new capabilities can we give to the industry and enterprises? What new value can it create for users? What capabilities should we build and how should we build them? As far as our development is concerned, this series of major problems begin to become unavoidable and will be with us for a period of time - it is one thing to think about it or not, and it is another thing to think about it clearly and whether we can promote its implementation. Accordingly, we can say that the real test has come, and the greatness required by the industry is no longer great

third, it is necessary to fully understand that the industry has entered a relatively saturated stock market, that is, a new stage of structural adjustment and transformation

if a stock industry wants to achieve sustainable development and enter the next upward parabola cycle, it must undergo a baptism of structural transformation and accumulation cycle. The structural change based on the stock will prompt us to redefine the industry and product business, or a new industry with more vitality will be born. It is just like that we have broken through a bottleneck of development, and then re understood ourselves, giving ourselves a higher and newer value and mission

it is a fact that there is overcapacity in the wood coatings and downstream wood furniture industries in Guangdong. In fact, the industrial structure transformation has already begun. Now the industry is in a critical period of breaking through this bottleneck of structural transformation. The structural transformation is comprehensive and in-depth, which is a transformation from quantity to quality, or an upgrade from quantitative change to qualitative change. Therefore, major changes will take place in the demand/user, technology/product, enterprise strategy/strategy and other major elements related to the development of the industry

first, from the perspective of demand/user structure, demand will tend to be value oriented, that is, high quality/high efficiency, environmental, personalized/programmatic; Users will tend to be high-quality, that is, standardized, large-scale, specialized and emerging field leaders

secondly, from the perspective of Technology/product structure based on the above-mentioned demand/user structure, it is hard to say whether there can be a theoretical breakthrough in technology. Naturally, it is needless to say that the promotion and application of new materials and new processes. In addition, the integrated technology based on overall coating will become an important direction, which may become how to redefine the industry in the future, How big it can develop (for example, whether it is integrated by other industries and reduced to a category, or whether it takes the initiative to integrate other industries and extend a brand-new industry), as well as the value embodiment in the whole industrial chain (corresponding to the position and voice)

therefore, as only the dial pointer instigates the transformation of experimental load technology during static load experiment, it is necessary to increase the line and surface platform thinking on the premise of maintaining the traditional point thinking, and the traditional point thinking needs to be further focused. The line and surface platform thinking will become more and more important for the development of the industry. Silane coupling agent and titanate coupling agent are the two most widely used coupling agents. From the perspective of product transformation, it is obvious that environmental protection is not the most important feature, but has become the basic feature of the one vote veto system

based on the basic premise of environmental protection, the characteristics of high performance/high efficiency and service/scheme are more important. Especially under the trend of further homogenization of physical products, service capability will become a main direction for improving product business and enterprise competitiveness. It is believed that the industry will not only sell physical products in the future, but also export value through services to create customers. In the future, the product form will inevitably be upgraded to a product plus service solution, which has formed a consensus at the industry leader level and has been actively put into practice

next is the change of enterprise strategy and strategy structure based on the above two aspects of structure. The current comprehensive, leading, professional and small enterprise structure of the industry will not exist for a long time. This structure will gradually move closer to the leading and professional types. Therefore, the leading position of local enterprises in promoting the development of the industry will be further enhanced. However, from the perspective of competition, although the leading enterprises and the competition pattern have become clear, on the one hand, the means and methods will become more and more abundant and diverse. On the other hand, the level of competition will also rise from price to value, from tactical strategy to overall strategy, from wisdom to capital, and from industry to industry

it is undeniable that price competition exists for a long time, but value competition including price is the mainstream and the right way; It does not deny the importance of tactical strategies, but they will inevitably serve the needs of strategy and become a part of the whole strategic system; We don't deny the creativity of wisdom, but from the perspective of pure commercial competition, wisdom will still look pale in front of capital, so we can't deny the long-term, fierce and risky competition in the industry. However, we should also see that with the increasing concentration of upstream and downstream industries, this will have a greater and greater impact on the position of the industry in the whole industrial chain and the market voice

generally speaking, the structural transformation of the industry is to break up the original structure in the form of segmentation, expansion or external breaking, and become richer or more complex; The second is the continuous connection, integration and unification of this rich or complex whole and each part, and finally build a relatively stable and orderly development of the new structure

this period is a very critical time for the development of the enterprise. We must think about how to bear or resolve a series of problems and pressures brought about by this three-dimensional integration process. In particular, technology and product innovation will become the main driving force for the transformation. Although the reality is that our R & D thinking and system construction are relatively backward, and the supporting facilities are not perfect. After this three-dimensional dispersion process, we can be optimistic that the concentration of the industry will be greatly improved, the development model will also be upgraded, and will enter a new growth parabola cycle. However, the new parabola will not be as steep as the previous parabola, but is more likely to be slowly upward

fourth, we should calm down and rethink the value of the industry and enterprise. Generally speaking, we should further think about what it is for to be an enterprise

the greatest ignorance of man is that he does not know that he does not know. Due to the difficulties experienced in the initial intention and development process, most of our business leaders are a little overconfident and easy to masturbate. However, as industrial enterprises are basically the foundation of private enterprises, it is easier for enterprises to develop into a multi interest subject. In fact, this is a favorable structure for the long-term development of the enterprise, but many responsible persons may not be able to deeply understand this truth, and may not be able to grasp and handle this multiple interest

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