The 14th QC release conference was held

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Shantui held the 14th QC release conference

in order to put the concept of quality improvement into the hearts of all employees of the company and "carry out the improvement to the end", the 14th QC release conference of Shantui was grandly held on January 6, 2017. This time is divided into two stages. In the morning, QC release will be carried out simultaneously at three venues. In the afternoon, the company commended excellent key projects, quality trustworthy teams and excellent QC achievement release projects in the conference room 1hr45t09 of the headquarters building. Zhangxiuwen, chairman of the board of directors, lidianhe, general manager and Zhangmin, executive director of the company attended the meeting and presented awards to the award-winning representatives. Executive director liuchunchao presided over the meeting. All the award winners, the main principals of each unit, and the representatives of the front-line production staff listened to the reports of excellent key projects and excellent quality trustworthy teams

zhangxiuwen, chairman of Shantui

lidianhe, general manager of Shantui, held the 14th QC release conference. At the conference, lidianhe affirmed the company's achievements in quality work in 2016, even if it could afford 3D printers, and pointed out the shortcomings of quality management. At the same time, it points out five directions for quality work in 2017. First, continuously improve the company's quality management system, strengthen gjb9001b quality management system training while preparing for the version change of ISO9001 quality management system; Second, improve the reliability of products. In 2016, in response to the national environmental protection requirements, the company completed the switching of national III engines for various main engines. However, according to the market feedback, the failure rate of some parts is high. In order to improve the reliability of products, all units should focus on parts with high failure rate, eliminate early failures, strengthen the quality control of key parts (characteristics) and key processes, improve the quality assurance ability of suppliers, strengthen the cleanliness control of complete products, strengthen the quality control of main machine logistics and transportation process, and strengthen the quality control of new products of full hydraulic and sd-5 series bulldozers; Third, improve product appearance quality and cab comfort. With the fierce market competition, the company should continue to meet customers' increasingly high requirements for appearance and comfort on the basis of ensuring product quality. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the quality control of sheet metal parts and coating, and improve the tightness of the cab and the comfort of the whole machine operation; Fourth, continue to promote staff quality improvement and skill upgrading activities. We should continue to promote improvement activities such as the chairman's quality award, technical quality research and QC team, continue to promote the selection of teams with reliable quality, and use Internet + to implement skill training and skill improvement activities for employees in key positions and transferred employees; Fifth, continue to pay attention to customer satisfaction. Through the implementation of the after-sales "housekeeper" service of the whole machine, the "Stickiness" of customers to Shantui products is improved. At the same time, it is necessary to continue to carry out customer satisfaction survey, focusing on the user satisfaction after the national III switch

commend the advanced

commend the advanced

zhangxiuwen pointed out that leading comrades at all levels should make concerted efforts to carry forward Shantui's good style of tenacity and pragmatism, and make contributions to the company's extrication from difficulties and further brilliance through two aspects. First, we should vigorously promote Shantui quality culture and strengthen the construction of Shantui quality system. Due to the continuous downturn in the market, we have unswervingly implemented slimming and reshaped the flat management system. In 2016, we lowered various quality improvement and daily quality management functions to various related matters. 3) in the cylinder Business Department of the plotter, through market pressure, we improved the company's efficiency in responding to market feedback. At the same time, the quality management system operated at the company level for many years should be continuously improved and strengthened; Second, continue to promote all-round quality improvement and solidify the improvement results. Continuous improvement is our eternal theme. We hope that our employees will base themselves on their own posts and actively look for room for improvement with innovative ideas around problems. Leaders of all departments should organize actively to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for improvement, and implement the improvement results to the wide use of high-purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil products in national major equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, aerospace, rail transit, electronic information and automobile lightweight standardization

meeting requirements: first, all units should convey the spirit of the meeting, deeply understand and learn the spirit of the speech, carry forward the spirit of perseverance and innovation in quality management, constantly challenge themselves and make new contributions to the sustainable development of the company; Second, all units should share their experience, and the award-winning representatives should play a leading and exemplary role, and carry out mass quality improvement activities in the company, so that more grass-roots employees can base themselves on their own jobs, set up quality improvement projects, and open a breakthrough in quality problems. Strengthen the role of grass-roots teams and groups in quality management, and emerge more excellent quality trustworthy teams and groups; Third, the market situation is still grim, and the market competition will be more intense in the future. All units should make the 2017 quality work plan and quality objectives real and detailed, and implement them at all levels of their departments, continue to promote product quality improvement activities, and make greater contributions to the new round of development of Shantui. (this article is from Shantui)

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